Strategy Implementation

To remain competitive, companies must acknowledge and resolve the opportunities and challenges of digitalization in the long term. Many of these organizations today claim that they have a Digital Strategy and are digitally mature and able to drive and accelerate innovation.

In other cases, a “digital strategy” becomes a blind attempt to use the latest “buzzwords” and most exciting technologies. This thinking can provide short-term marketing publicity, but the actual implementation is not supported by a strong business case of delivered customer experience.

The process of defining and furthermore executing strategy, seems to generate more questions than answers.

Digital Strategy is a plan, a strategic roadmap..

…which visualizes where is the business today, where it needs to be, and most importantly how to get there by using digital solutions, services, and products. By using all this, businesses will deliver on the goals and the vision of such strategies, maximizing business benefits and increasing customer experience.

This creates an urgent need to act, identifying a winning operating model for the implementation of the Digital Strategy.

How we can help You with the implementation of the Strategy

We help our clients by merging the three Value perspectives under one unified eco-system: customer experience, technology, and business expectations – the three pillars of growth and competitive advantage.

Setting Up An Actionable Framework

With the help of our proven model, we focus on delivering short-term measurable results and supporting long-term goals. By applying this kind of thinking, we can break down huge strategic streams into tangible tactics and action plans to deliver the objectives defined in the strategy.

The model focuses on:

  • Establishing proper Prioritization, done based on perceived Customer Value, Business expectations, and Technical complexity
  • Aligning of the Strategic areas, breaking down the silo-approach, and implementing cross-functional thinking.
  • Crafting action plans and development roadmaps, ensuring that they are consistent with the predefined strategy objectives and clarified from technical risks and assumptions.
  • Delivering cycles supported by Lean Product management and Agile development.
  • Providing insights into internal maturity, capacity and the need for digital transformation and change management.
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